What Is Livestock Extension Packages Mean?

What is livestock extension?

“Livestock extension” is usually taken to mean doing production-type extension work with livestock such as nutrition, animal health, and animal management. Usually the direct beneficiary of the input is the animal owner.

What are farm extension services?

Agricultural extension service has the objective to assist family holdings or farmers in improvement of the methods and techniques of agricultural production, farm management, and increase of income and of productivity and production quality, increase of standard of living and elevating of social and educational

What are the examples of extension services?

Examples include FAO’s Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools, the U.S. Cooperative Extension’s 4-H youth development model, YPARD programs in Nepal and other countries, youth nutrition clubs in Bangladesh, and many others.

What is the purpose of agricultural extension?

Agricultural extension (also known as agricultural advisory services) plays a crucial role in boosting agricultural productivity, increasing food security, improving rural livelihoods, and promoting agriculture as an engine of pro-poor economic growth.

What is animal husbandry extension?

Animal Husbandry Extension involves systematic and organized communication with livestock owners with a view to helping them in such a way that the livestock owners. obtain a better insight into their present and future position as livestock owners.

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What is the extension education?

Extension education is an applied social science consisting of relevant content derived from physical, biological and social sciences and in its own process synthesised into a body of knowledge, concepts, principles and procedures oriented to provide non-credit out of school education largely for adults.

What are the principles of extension?

Such principles are: extension work must be based on the needs and interest of the people, extension work should be based on the knowledge, skills, belief and value of the people, extension encourages people to take action and work out their own solution to their problem, rather than receiving ready- made solution, an

What are the concern covered by extension?

It provides information to farmers and passes to the farmers new ideas developed by agricultural research stations. Agricultural extension programmes cover a broad area including improved crop varieties, better livestock control, improved water management, and the control of weeds, pests or plant diseases.

What are the duties of an extension officer?

Agricultural extension officers are intermediaries between research and farmers. They operate as facilitators and communicators, helping farmers in their decision-making and ensuring that appropriate knowledge is implemented to obtain the best results with regard to sustainable production and general rural development.

What are the extension services?

Extension services extend information to users—farmers, growers, and homeowners. In the 1800s, farmers needed help solving problems such as controlling insects or soil erosion or applying the right amount of manure to crops. Nonfarmers needed an education in business and trade.

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What is the importance of extension?

Extension helps in studying and solving the rural problems. Extension increases farm yields and improve the standard of living of farmers. Extension makes good communities better and progressive. Extension contributes to national development programmes.

What are the problems of agricultural extension?

Low morale, depression, economic worries, and less productivity are now common in extension organizations due to HIV/AIDS. Extension workers who by training are required to motivate farmers to try and adopt new agricultural technology are themselves depressed and frustrated, and this affects their output.

What is the function of extension?

The function of extension is to bring about desirable changes in human behaviour by means of education. Changes may be brought about in their knowledge, skill, attitude, understanding, goals, action and confidence.

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