Readers ask: What Types Of Crops And Livestock Were Thriving In The African Tropics?

Why were the early European settlers of Africa able to raise the same crops and animals they had in Europe?

Because the Cape and Europe have a similar latitude (distance from the equator), they can grow the same types of crops and raise the same types of livestock in Africa as they did back home in Europe.

How was it possible for the settlers to import European crops and animals to such a distant part of the world?

How was it possible for the settlers to import European crops and animals to such a distant part of the world? As much as skill, it came down to good fortune. Geography had dealt the settlers an immensely lucky hand. They had stumbled across one of the few parts of the southern hemisphere that feels just like Europe.

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What advantages did the domestication of animals give to the farmers of the Middle East?

Crops or animals domesticated in the Fertile Crescent were able to prosper at other places along the east/west axis of Eurasia. Wheat and barley, sheep and goats, cows and pigs all spread from the Fertile Crescent, east towards India and west towards North Africa and Europe.

Why did European settlers fail when moving into the tropics of Africa?

Geography endowed Africa with one last temptation for European colonizers – natural resources, like copper, diamonds and gold. So, unable to build their own societies in the tropics, European governments turned to cheap African labour instead to maximize the profit from these resources.

What three diseases were common in Africa?

New People, New Diseases Africa is often considered part of the “old world” consisting of Europe and Asia, but this is only partially true. For millennia the continent had many of the diseases that were in Europe: plague, leprosy, syphilis.

Why were a handful of Dutch settlers able to conquer the Zulu nation?

The Dutch Boers travel north from South Africa to avoid British rule. Descendants of the Dutch farmers who were migrating north from the Cape Colony. During this Great Trek they came in contact with the Zulus and in the end the Zulus could not defeat the power of there guns.

Can Jared Diamond explain how America fell to Guns Germs and Steel?

Can Jared Diamond explain how America fell to guns, germs and steel? Spaniard Francisco Pizarro has gone down in history as the man who conquered the Inca. From Pizarro’s home town of Trujillo, Jared Diamond pieces together the story of the Spaniards’ victory over the Inca, tracing the invisible hand of geography.

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Where did the first European settlers land in Africa?

The Dutch left a lasting impact in South Africa, a region ignored by Portugal that the Dutch eventually decided to use as a station in their route to East Asia. Jan van Riebeeck founded Cape Town in 1652, starting the European exploration and colonization of South Africa.

How did germs native to Africa work against the European settlers and their livestock?

These germs worked against the European settlers because livestock died. This hurt their food supply and tasks they had to complete. Africans built vaccinations that made them immune for life and evolved. African livestock also built resistance, but Europeans failed too because they are unique to the tropics.

What was the first animal to tame?

Goats were probably the first animals to be domesticated, followed closely by sheep. In Southeast Asia, chickens also were domesticated about 10,000 years ago. Later, people began domesticating larger animals, such as oxen or horses, for plowing and transportation.

What are the three major elements that separate the world?

According to Jared Diamond, what are the three major elements that separate the world’s “haves” from the “have nots”? Guns, germs, and steel are the three major elements that separate the world’s “haves” from the “have nots.”

What was the first animal to tamed Class 6?

Answer: The first animal to be tamed was the wild ancestor of the dog because the dog is smaller in size and could be easily kept. Also, it is an intelligent animals when it is compared with other animals like goat, sheep and pig.

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What is Jared Diamond’s main argument?

In the Pulitzer-prize winning book Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies, author Jared Diamond argues that environmental differences rather than inherent differences between races are responsible for some cultures becoming dominant in the modern world.

What is Jared Diamond’s theory?

Jared Diamond’s basic theory is that some countries developed more rapidly than others and were able to expand and conquer much of the world because of geographic luck.

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