Readers ask: What Does Caleb Use As A Weapon When Guarding The Livestock In Alas, Babylon?

How was Porky Logan buried?

Burying Porky Logan is difficult. Randy and Dan convince the local funeral parlor manager, Bubba Offenhaus, to let them use a lead-lined coffin to hold both Porky and his tainted jewelry, but the coffin requires eight men to carry it, and none of the people gathered on the green volunteer.

Who is Lib McGovern In Alas Babylon?

At first, it can be easy to underestimate Lib McGovern. She seems like some rich, spoiled Yankee who lounges around her retired parents’ McMansion all day. But, as she proves over the course of Alas, Babylon, however, Lib is an incredibly tough and strong -willed woman in her own right.

What disease in town has Dan worried Alas Babylon?

Dan tells Randy that he has encountered several cases of radiation poisoning, and he cannot figure out why, since there isn’t enough radiation in the Fort Repose air to cause it.

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Why did they need to bury Porky Logan?

It takes a lot of effort to bury Porky Logan because they need to put him and his stolen jewelry in a lead-lined casket. That’s the only way to stop the spread of radiation. Bubba Offenhaus doesn’t want to deal with it.

Who are the big three in Alas Babylon?

China Takes Over the World: The Big Three after the war are China, Japan and India, who stayed out of World War III and weren’t nuked.

What will Randy be driving when he goes after the highwaymen?

What vehicle does Randy drive when they go after the highwaymen? He uses Rita’s and Pete’s grocery truck.

Who lives with Randy in Alas, Babylon?

Mark Bragg Randy’s brother, and an officer with the Strategic Air Command in Omaha. He warns his brother that nuclear war is imminent, and sends Helen and their children to live with Randy.

Who are the Henry’s in Alas, Babylon?

The Henry’s – The Henry’s are a poor black family living next to Randy Bragg. Clarence “Preacher” Henry is the minister of the Afro-Repose Baptist Church. He has a son, known as “Two-Tone” because of the two-toned color of his skin, whose wife, Missouri, cleans houses in the town.

How does Randy change in Alas, Babylon?

Randy Bragg is the protagonist and central character of the novel. As the novel progresses, he gradually changes from a playboy bachelor with a trust fund into a hardened leader. By the end of the novel, he has changed completely. Randy has complete trust in his brother’s analysis of the geopolitical situation.

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What kind of community support does Randy get after the hanging Alas Babylon?

What kind of community support does Randy get after the hanging? Seven men volunteer to create the Fort Repose Provisional Company to defend Fort Repose under Randy Bragg’s leadership.

What was Order 4 in Alas Babylon?

4, which provides for marriage and birth certificates. Almost immediately after the wedding, Randy begins to make plans to ambush Dan’s assailants.

How many chapters are in Alas Babylon?

Alas, Babylon has thirteen chapters. The book begins before the actual war unfolds as Randy Bragg prepares for his sister-in-law, niece and nephew to

What does Dan do when Randy tells him about Mark’s premonition?

What does Dan do when Randy tells him about Mark’s premonition? Writes war prescriptions.

Is Fort repose in the contaminated zone?

To Randy and Mark “Alas Babylon” is a signal to each other that the Russians are going to attack. Is Fort Repose in the Contaminated Zone? – Fort Repose is in the Contaminated Zone.

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