Readers ask: How To Protect Livestock In Skyrim?

Can you own livestock in Skyrim?

The Animal Pen is one of several exterior additions which can be built on the site of a home in the Hearthfire DLC. It is built using a Carpenter’s Workbench. The animal pen can be stocked with animals purchased from the steward.

Can you milk your cow in Skyrim?

“Have you ever wanted to simply walk up to a cow in a farm and milk it to stave off death?”. You can milk any domesticated cows and goats once a day to receive a jug of milk.

Do farm animals Respawn in Skyrim?

They do respawn. SevenSidedDie points to the answer for animals in his comment: yes, they also respawn.

Who is the best steward in Skyrim?

Here is my Skyrim Best Steward Top 10.

  1. Erik the Slayer. Max Level: 40. Moral: Will commit crime.
  2. Illia. Max Level: 40. Moral: Will not commit crime.
  3. Annekke Crag-Jumper. Max Level: 30. Moral: Will not commit crime.
  4. Eola. Max Level: 30.
  5. Faendal. Max Level: 30.
  6. Lob. Max Level: 30.
  7. Ogol. Max Level: 30.
  8. Golldir. Max Level: 30.
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Can you marry Rayya in Skyrim?

Rayya can be asked to become a steward for a homestead in Hearthfire. She is also a candidate for marriage.

Do cows do anything in Skyrim?

The cow used in the game is based on the real life Highland Cow. Cows, like other docile animals, can be witnesses to crimes. Cows are sometimes given as gifts to giants, and are led by their owners (farmers), to keep them from attacking villages.

Can I make butter in Skyrim?

If you have hearthfire, build a kitchen, and buy a cow, you get a jug of milk a day in one of the pantries. Butter spawns in the churn, but I remember having a helluva time getting it to respawn after I harvested it.

What animals Can you buy in Skyrim?


  • Bran. DG
  • Dog.
  • Meeko.
  • Sceolang. DG
  • Stray Dog.
  • Vigilance.
  • CuSith. DG
  • Garmr. DG

Can you own chickens in Skyrim?

Most chickens in Skyrim appear to be of the Catalana breed. After purchasing Honeyside in Riften, the Dragonborn can buy a garden upgrade which gives them two chickens. If three chickens are owned in Hearthfire, they will most likely die.

How do I get animals for Lakeview Manor?

If you take a housecarl to the manor (not sure if it has to be finished) then they’ll ask if you want them to relocate there. I took Iona from Riften. Then you can ask her to add some extra stuff to the place. You can get a cow and a chicken that live in that little pen.

Who is the best steward for Lakeview Manor?

Jordis is great for Lakeview manor as she’s as tough as Rayya and that place gets attacked more than other locations IME.

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How long until Giants Respawn Skyrim?

I believe once you have taken down a Giants Camp (and it is confirmed as cleared on the map) it takes around 2 weeks (ingame) for the Camp to respawn – I read this somewhere when I was looking over Giant Camps for the toes too. However, they still roam freely around the open plains with mammoths.

How do I get a steward in Skyrim?

To hire a follower, simply ask them to come with you, then travel to the build site. They should approach you and volunteer for the job, or if not, you can ask them yourself once there. You will need to first build at least the Small House Layout before the option to hire them appears.

Where can I find goat horns in Skyrim?

Goat Horns can be bought from General Goods Merchants or by killing and looting Goats.

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