Question: What Channel Is Superior Livestock On Directv?

What channel is superior livestock on?

Superior conducts bi-weekly satellite video auctions broadcast on Dish Network channel 997, weekly video auctions each Thursday morning, and our 24/7 internet auction listing, “The Country Page.” These options provide an opportunity for both buyers and sellers to take advantage of current market conditions.

How can I watch Superior Livestock auction?

Regardless of the television channel the sale is being broadcast on, all auctions will be broadcast live on the internet at Some auctions will ONLY be broadcast online.

What channel is superior auction on?

The entire Superior Family invites you to join as they continue their broadcast services to the livestock industry on their new channel, SLA-TV. The initial broadcast, Superior Livestock’s Bellringer Auction, will start on Dish channel 998.

Who started superior livestock?

Jim Odle, co-founder and General Manager of Superior Livestock Auction, commented “I have had the privilege of meeting and getting to know Robert York and Danny Jones from National, and I truly believe that National is the ideal ownership group for Superior Livestock Auction.

How do I become a Superior Livestock rep?

To get started, simply go online to and click on the tab titled “Register for a Buyer Number”. Select the registration form for Superior Productions and print the registration form, fill it out and fax it in to Superior Productions at (817) 378-3380 with a signature on it.

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How do livestock auctions work?

At an auction, you can see dozens of cattle at one time and choose specific lots to purchase. If you went to a farm or ranch to buy cattle directly from a breeder, you’d be limited to animals from his specific herd. Auctions rely upon bidding to set the sales price. On a good day, animals command premium prices.

How much do cows cost?

Usually, the cost of a cow will be somewhere between $2,000 and $5,000. The weight of the cow, its gender, and its breed decides its actual cost. Yearlings are mostly less expensive than matured cows. They cost around $800 to $1,500.

How much does a cow cost in Oregon?

Cow/Calf Pairs: $825.00-$975.00. Feeder Steers: 300-399 lbs $165.00; 400-499 lbs $115.00-$153.00; 500-599 lbs $122.50-161.00; 600-699 lbs $137.50-$148.00; 700-799 lbs $122.00; 800-899 lbs $117.50-$131.00; 900-999 lbs $110.00.

Who owns Superior Livestock?

Superior Livestock Auction, Inc. (SLAI) reports on its website that it’s now owned by SLAI, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Farm Credit West, ACA. Jim Odle, one of Superior’s founders, has returned to the entity as general manager.

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