Often asked: When You See Livestock Near The Roadway What Should You Do?

When approaching animals that are standing near the roadway?

When approaching animals that are standing near the roadway: Slow down and use caution.

What is the first thing you should do during an enforcement stop quizlet?

What is the first thing you should do during an enforcement stop? Stop on the left shoulder. Turn on your right turn signal.

When two vehicles meet on a steep road where neither vehicle can pass the vehicle _______ must yield the right of way by backing up?

The vehicle travelling uphill. When two vehicles meet on a steep mountain road where neither can pass, the vehicle traveling downhill must yield the right-of-way by backing up until the vehicle going uphill can pass. The vehicle facing downhill has the greater amount of control when backing.

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What sign means the truck load is potentially dangerous?

A diamond-shaped sign on a truck means that the load on the truck is potentially dangerous (gas, explosives, etc.). Vehicles which display these signs are required to stop before crossing railroad tracks.

What 3 times of day do you have the biggest risk of encountering an animal in the road?

Be on your highest alert at dusk and dawn, when many animals are most active. Deer are most active between 6 and 9 pm—a time when most drivers find it difficult to see. We also tend to be most sleepy and less alert behind the wheel during this time.

When you come to a deep puddle it is best to turn around don’t call for help?

Simply put, turn your car around if you encounter water on the road that looks to be 6 inches or deeper —or you can’t even tell how deep it is. Be especially cautious at night, when it is harder to recognize flood danger.

What is the first thing you should do during an enforcement stop answer?

If you have a weapon(s) in the vehicle, inform the officer upon first contact. If it’s nighttime, the officer may direct a spotlight at your vehicle once stopped. To assist with visibility, turn on your interior lights as soon as you stop to help the officer see inside your vehicle.

What is the first thing you should do during an enforcement stop?

What a Driver Should Do During an Enforcement Stop. Acknowledge the officer’s presence by turning on your right turn signal. Activating your signal lets the officer know that you recognize their presence.

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What is the rule to avoid tailgating?

Most rear-end collisions are caused by tailgating. To avoid tailgating, use the “Three-Second Rule.” When the vehicle ahead of you passes a certain point, such as a sign, count “one-thousand-one, one-thousand-two, one-thousand-three.” If you pass the same point before you finish counting, you are following too closely.

What is the correct order for changing lanes?

When you want to change lanes, you must give way to vehicles already in that lane or line of traffic. You must also give way when you cross over any lines that show the lane is ending and you need to merge into traffic.

When two cars meet on a narrow road on a mountain the car going downhill has the right-of-way?

When vehicles meet on a steep, narrow road which is not wide enough for two vehicles, the vehicle going downhill must yield the right-of-way by backing up to a wider place or by stopping to leave sufficient space for the vehicle going uphill, except where it is more practical for the vehicle going uphill to return to a

What is the first step in safely passing another vehicle?

Steps for Successful Passing

  1. Scan for hazards, e.g., oncoming vehicles, vehicles approaching from rear, merging vehicles;
  2. Check for blind spots;
  3. Signal your intention and accelerate into passing lane;
  4. Accelerate quickly to an appropriate speed;
  5. Concentrate on the path ahead;
  6. Check the mirror for following cars.

What sign shows the end of a divided highway?

A Divided Highway Ends ( W6-2 ) sign is used in advance of the end of a section of physically divided highway (not an intersection or junction) as a warning of two-way traffic ahead.

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What does the sign 13 6 mean?

(A) Vehicular traffic, including vehicles turning right or left or making a U-turn movement, shall yield the right-of-way to: (I) Pedestrians lawfully within an associated crosswalk; and.

What is diamond shaped sign?

Diamond-shaped road signs always warn of possible hazards ahead. These are traffic signs, temporary traffic control signs, and some pedestrian and bicycle signs. Pennant-shaped road signs warn drivers of no-passing zones. Round-shaped road signs are used for railroad signs.

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