FAQ: Where Does Mixed Livestock And Crop Farming Predominantly Occur In Western Europe?

Where does mixed livestock and crop farming occur?

The mixed systems extend to the tropical highlands of Latin America, East and southern Africa and northern Asia. In well-integrated crop-livestock systems, livestock provide draft power to cultivate the land and manure to fertilize the soil, and crop residues are a key feed resource for livestock.

What type of farming is practiced in Western Europe?

The three types of agriculture that are most popular in Western Europe are Mediterranean polyculture, dairy farming, and mixed livestock crop farming.

Which of these is the correct order for how most of Western Europe’s settlement patterns grew over time?

Put the following settlement patterns in the proper order, representing how most areas of Western Europe grew over time: nucleated town, linear hamlet, t-shaped village.

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What are the major agricultural regions?

The main agricultural production areas of the United States are mainly concentrated in the Middle West, central plains, and west coast states such as California and the Mississippi river basin and southeast coastal region.

What are the examples of mixed farming?

The cultivation of crops alongside the rearing of animals for meat or eggs or milk defines mixed farming. For example, a mixed farm may grow cereal crops such as wheat or rye and also keep cattle, sheep, pigs or poultry. Often the dung from the cattle serves to fertilize the cereal crops.

What are the types of mixed farming?


  • Expansion agriculture (EXPAGR)
  • Low external input agriculture (LEIA)
  • High external input agriculture (HEIA)
  • New conservation agriculture (NCA)

What crops do they grow in Western Europe?

In the EU, rapeseed, wheat, rye and triticale are typically winter crops, whereas maize, sunflowers, rice, soybeans, potatoes, and sugar beet are summer crops.

What type of farming is most common in Europe?

Look back to Figure 1 on page 94 and notice that the dominant type of farming in Europe is ‘ mostly arable with some animals ‘. Another term for this type of farming is mixed farming.

What are the main agricultural products in Western Europe?

EU agricultural production is dominated by livestock products (including dairy), grains, vegetables, wine, fruits, and sugar. Major export commodities include grains (wheat and barley), dairy products, poultry, pork, fruit, vegetables, olive oil, and wine.

What are the 4 types of settlement patterns?

All the settlement patterns including linear, nucleated and dispersed.

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Is this statement true or false acid rain became a major transboundary environmental issue in the late 20th century in Europe?

Acid rain became a major transboundary environmental issue in the late 20th century in Europe. The High Alps no longer contain any permanent ice or snow. Acid rain can damage buildings, stained glass, railroad lines, airplanes, cars, steel bridges, and underground pipes. Acid rain is a form of acid deposition.

What are the factors that influence settlement patterns?

Settlement patterns are influenced by the price of land, available transportation infrastructure, public policy initiatives, and social and ecological processes that are not necessarily quantifiable.

Which area is most suitable for agriculture in the world?

India has the most arable land in the world followed by the United States, Russia, China and Brazil. India and the United States account for roughly 22% of the world’s arable land.

What are the 11 major agricultural regions?

11 Agricultural Regions of the World

  • Pastoral Nomadism.
  • Pastoral Nomadism.
  • Intensive Subsistence Wet Rice Dominant.
  • Agricultural Regions in MDCs.
  • Mediterranean Farming.
  • Mediterranean Farming.
  • Commercial gardening. and fruit farming.
  • Commercial gardening and fruit farming.

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