FAQ: What Is A Foam Livestock Tank?

What are Rubbermaid stock tanks made of?

Constructed from molded polyethylene for superior performance and long-lasting durability in all types of weather. Stepped sidewalls and reinforced ribbing provide added strength and stability. Traditionally used for providing drinking water to farm animals.

How big is a 50 gallon stock tank?

Capacity: 50 gal. Width: 31-1/8 in. Assembled Depth: 52-7/16 in. Depth: 52-7/16 in.

How big is a 300 gallon stock tank?

300 U.S. Gallons Dimensions: 63.25″ L x 69″ W x 25″ H.

Are Rubbermaid water troughs guaranteed?

Answer: Thank you for choosing Rubbermaid Commercial. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality and service. The FG424288BLA 100 Gallon Structural Foam Stock Tank is manufactured with a 1 Year Limited Warranty against defects in material and workmanship when used under normal conditions.

What is the largest galvanized stock tank available?

NEW The 10′ foot tank is the largest stock tank commercially available, and now you can have it shipped directly to your driveway!

How many gallons are in a stock tank?

Generally speaking, stock tanks used as pools should have a length or diameter of at least 5 feet and a capacity of at least 80 gallons, equating to the size and capacity of an average bathtub.

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How big is a 150 gallon stock tank?

Measures 62.75 inch long by 41.5 inch wide by 21.75 inch high, holds 150 gallons.

Do stock tank pools get hot?

Does the metal get too hot to touch from the sun’s heat? A: Nope! The metal tank only gets as warm as the water in the tank. So keep it filled to keep it cool!

What is a cow trough?

A watering trough (or artificial watering point) is a man-made or natural receptacle intended to provide drinking water to animals, livestock on farms or ranches or wild animals. The more water a cow drinks, the more milk she produces.

How much does a 300 gallon water tank weigh?

300 Gallon Plastic Water Storage Tank Weight: 88 lbs.

What is the warranty on Rubbermaid water trough?

For a period of one year from the date of purchase, if a Rubbermaid Commercial product proves defective in materials and workmanship during normal use by the purchaser of this products, Rubbermaid Commercial Products will arrange for replacement or repair.

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